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In the Spring of 2017, I founded Independence Comedy LLC in Philadelphia to be the business home of my independent improv coaching, my corporate consultation and workshop facilitation, and my personal on-air brand coaching.  

My hope is to have Independence Comedy be the first place that folks in the Philadelphia area and beyond look when they want help finding their personal or group voice.  Whether they are an indie team looking for some direction, a CEO looking to have their employees communicate better both internally and in client facing situations, or a budding television personality looking to hone their on-air brand, I want to help them find their voice.

Corporate Consultation

Over the past year Rob has helped the Delaware River Port Authority and PATCO improv their inter departmental communication by using the tenets and teaching of long form improvisation.  Through a bi-weekly lecture series as well as regular exercises and role-playing sessions, Rob has worked with the management at DRPA/PATCO to help improve their corporate atmosphere and to directly address communication and leadership challenges within the organization. 

If you are a corporation looking for a professional who can help your team work better together, we'd love to show you how we can help.

Rob @ The Comcast Young Professionals Network

Rob @ The Comcast Young Professionals Network



Corporate Workshops

For those looking for some team building opportunities, but only have time for one off workshops, we're here to help.   Independence Comedy offers many workshops that can focus on different challenges that face today's corporate clients.   Feel free to reach out to us for a quote on a fully customized workshop to fit your needs and your budget.  We also offer generous discounts to those in the non-profit sector.

Some of our past workshops include:

Leadership through "Yes, And..." - During this workshop, your management staff will learn how to greet new ideas as opportunities to explore and discover.   We'll work to change your corporate atmosphere from "why?" to "why not?"  The best ideas often are born out of the worst first drafts.  This workshop will help to promote the collaborative environments that can foster those early ideas into tomorrow's killer apps!

Authenticity and Vulnerability - Don't leave them at the door! - Too often in the corporate world we're trained to act as though human emotions and vulnerabilities don't exist.  We're expected to act as though we're simply cogs in a big clockwork apparatus.  But when we learn to express ourselves with true authenticity and vulnerability, we foster trust and a sense of camaraderie that encourages us to go the extra mile for one another.  You'll never find a tighter knit team than an improv troupe who's been practicing together for a while.   They trust each other implicitly and will go out of their way to make each other look good.  This same sense of teamwork can be grown in the corporate environment. But to do so we have to question some long held beliefs and practices.  This workshop will help your team create an environment that encourages trust and loyalty through authentic and vulnerable communication.  


Past Corporate Clients Include:



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