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Improvisation for All!

Rob loves to teach. Whether you are an independent improv team, a member of corporate America, or a dramatic actor looking to increase your comedic strengths, Rob has you covered. The benefits of improvisation are great and many, but its effects can be summarized simply by the following: effective communication. 

Effective communication relies on numerous factors, including listening, eye contact, and body language. However, equally as important are more abstract concepts such as empathy and self-confidence.  Through exercises, group games, and emotional exploration, improvisation strengthens these core skills and leads to creative thinking, outstanding teamwork, and more communicative relationships of all types.


Independent Improv

Rob has been coaching independent improv teams of all experience levels for over 3 years. Specializing in long-form improvisation, he has experience both performing and teaching the standard forms including: The Harold, the L'aronde, The Armando, The Deconstruction, the Pretty Flower, and more.  Exposed to the different styles currently popular in Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago, Rob works with his teams on whatever form works for them, whether it be a classic Harold or a new form you would like to develop. 

Rob is available for one off and long term independent coaching in the city of Philadelphia. Contact him for more details! 

Improv Workshops

Rob has offered workshops at theaters across the country!  He'd love to bring one of his workshops to your town.  Here are some examples of workshops he's run in the past.

  • Act Like A F@*%#ing Person - This workshop will help your improv team learn how to act naturally first in order to allow the absurd to rise to the surface.  When in doubt, why not act like a f@*%ing person?
  • How To Improvise Like A Bear Without Mauling Your Teammates - You want to be an active player? You want to be in every scene? But you don't want to be a bulldozer?  This workshop is perfect for helping the extremely active improviser find their place in a set without pushing their team mates out of the way.  Support doesn't have to mean spending most of your time on the sidelines!
  • Total Team Tuneup - Has your team been around for a few months or years? Do you feel like you've hit a rut?  Ready to inject some new energy into your play and hit that next level of your performances?  During this workshop series, I'll break down your play and get back to basics to you can refocus your energies on areas you hadn't considered before.  Maybe you want to go from a pure premise team to something more organic.  Maybe you're ready to give some form to your formless montages.  Whatever you're looking for, I'd love to help you regain your footing and reach that next summit on your team's improv journey.

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