Rob the Performer

Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


Rob has been studying and performing improv for over a decade throughout North America, including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Tampa Bay.


Thank You, Places: An Improvised Musical

Rob currently performs with the PHIT Comedy Team "Thank You, Places: An Improvised Musical.


Sketch Comedy

Rob has been writing and performing sketch comedy in the Philadelphia area for over three years.  As a member of sketch team The Diabolical Krampus, he was a finalist in the inaugural season of Philadelphia's Iron Sketch competition.  He's performed with Philadelphia's The Flat Earth as part of Chicago SketchFest in 2017.

Digital Projects

Rob is a writer and performer for PHIT Comedy's digital sketch team "The Worst Generation."


                                  Acting Samples

worst gen logo
Abduction Friends - The Worst Generation

Abduction Friends - The Worst Generation

The Hostage - Torvous

The Hostage - Torvous


Upright Citizens Brigade

  • Level 1 - Jessica St. Clair
  • Level 2 - Charlie Todd
  • Level 3 - Chris Gethard

PHIT Comedy

  • 101 - Michael Hochman
  • 201 - Jessica Snow
  • 301 - Steve Klienedler/Nick Gilette
  • 401 - Mike Marbach

Studied Under:

  • Jet Eveleth
  • Holly Laurent
  • Michael Delaney
  • Kevin McDonald
  • Jill Bernard
  • Tara DeFrancisco
  • Bill Arnett
  • Matt Higbee
  • Steve Waltien
  • Christina Gausas
  • Adal Rifai
  • Craig Uhlir

iO Chicago

  • Summer Intensive
  • Advanced Intensive

Festivals Performed:

  • Del Close Marathon - New York NY
  • Steel Stacks Improv Festival - Bethlehem PA
  • Charm City Comedy Festival - Baltimore MD
  • Philly Improv Festival - Philadelphia PA
  • Tampa Bay Improv Festival - Tampa Bay FL
  • Nestival - Columbus OH
  • Omaha Improv Festival - Omaha NE
  • The Chicago Musical Improv Festival - Chicago IL
  • Hell Yes Fest - New Orleans LA




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